Big Finish Audios

Starring: Peter Davison/Colin Baker/Sylvester McCoy/Paul McGann
Year: 1999 - present date
Official Site: Big Finish

Occasionally I get mail asking me why I don't review the Big Finish audio series in the same episode-by-episode format. Apart from the fact that there must now be as many BF episodes as there were in the entire series of Who, I've always been a bit of a purist snob and thought of them as "not quite the real thing." However, as Paul McGann had such a short stay in the TV series, I'll satisfy some curiosity by posting some small capsule reviews that I had on an earlier version of the site…

The Davison Audios:
Best Story:
Comment: Hmmmm, didn't warrant a comment at the time, it seems. Still, I remember it as being worthwhile, and it did get an average rating so it must have been okay…
Rating: * * *

Minuet In Hell
Writer: Alan W Lear with Gary Russell
Order: Amazon
Comment: A story set in an asylum with top performances from the three stars should have been a major success.It still is, in parts, but the audio's potential is weakened by childish demons and the least convincing Americans ever laid to tape. Still average, but a wasted opportunity.
Rating: * * *

Invaders From Mars
Writer: Mark Gattiss
Comment: For some reason all of the Big Finish comedy stories come over as a little smug and too silly. This is no exception.
Rating: * *

The Chimes of Midnight
Writer: Robert Shearman
Comment: A reasonable enough tale, though so obviously inspired by Sapphire & Steel it's untrue. Entertaining, my Poppet, but having a villain who sounds like Leslie Phillips is surely not going to give anyone nightmares?
Rating: * * *

Embrace The Darkness
Writer: Nicholas Briggs
Comment: An adequate yet unexceptional story involving two races of aliens, one of which have no eyes and so cannot see. Stevie Wonder not said to be a fan.
Rating: * * *

The Time of the Daleks
Writer: Justin Richards
Comment:An indulgent rip-off of previous Dalek tales, including the ultimate fannish indulgence of "Rels" A witty homage to the Dalek stories of yesteryear, with a would-be smartass plot that goes nowhere a pacey script and very nearly on the verge of two stars well deserving of its rating:
Rating: * * *

Writer: Alan Barnes
Order: Blackstar
Comment: The conclusion to Paul McGann's inferior second Big Finish season. I did actually think this was a very listenable entry, despite clearly being the most fannish. In fact, it's so fanwanky it's like watching Paul Cornell cracking one off after giving John Peel the reach-around. With Ian Levine filming it all on camcorder. Allegedly, of course. Meanwhile, Don Warrington plays the first black Time Lord - and an important one, at that. I'll say no more, save making it a spoiler…
Rating: * * *

(For completeness' sake, there have been nine more Eighth Doctor Big Finish audios after Neverland. Maybe one day I'll get round to listening to them, too. In order, they are: Zagreus, Scherzo, The Creed Of The Kromon, The Natural History Of Fear, The Twilight Kingdom, Faith Stealer, The Last, Caerdroia and The Next Life