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Reginald Jeffrey Betty
Hilda Jeffrey
Hazel Jeffrey
Extra information
Appears on a document from Confidential. It is not clear if her mother was Betty or Anne.
Direct ancestors
 1 Reginald Jeffrey (c1911)
  2 Frank Jeffrey
  2 Millicent Jane Purchase (c1879)
   3 Richard Roberts Purchase (1855 - 1947)
    4 Joseph Purchase (c1826)
     5 William Purchase (c1790)
     5 Hannah Smith
    4 Jane Chamberlain (1823)
     5 James Chamberlain
     5 Jane Gad
   3 (Polly) Mary Selina Jones (1860 - 1940)
    4 Thomas Jones
    4 Harriet
 1 Betty
Direct descendants

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