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Baptism record for Ann Keeling, daughter of Jacob Keeling and (Emmy) Emma Smith. This entry appears on the same page as her younger brother, James Keeling. I don't know what the (Calling say) part of the surname is all about. There also appears to be a letter before 'Keeling'. This is repeated by the same rector on the parent's marriage certificate and baptisms of the other children.
BAPTISMS solemnized in the Parish of Chilcomb
  in the County of Southampton in the Year 1813
When     Child's           Parent's Name          Abode  Quality, Trade  By whom the
Baptized Christian Name Christian   Surname                    or          Ceremony
                                                           Profession    was performed
1813      Anne           Jacob    (Calling say) Chilcomb    Servants    William Gordon
March    Daughter of     Emmy      ? Keeling                                Rector

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