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The 1891 census, showing George John James Keeling and his family, living at 135 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth.
For some reason, some of the children are listed by their middle name.

135 Holdenhurst Road George J J Keeling Head      m 34    Grocers assistant employed Hants Winchester  George John James Keeling
                     Emily Keeling      Wife      m    33                            Dorset Poole      Emily Bolt
                     George Keeling     Son       s 10    Scholar                    Dorset Poole      George Albert H. Keeling
                     Archibald Keeling  Son       s  9    Scholar                    Dorset Poole      Archibald Albert Keeling
                     Kate Keeling       Daughter  s     6 Scholar                    Hants Bournemouth Emily Kate Keeling
                     Earnest Keeling    Son       s  5    Scholar                    Hants Bournemouth William Ernest Keeling
                     Elsie Keeling      Daughter  s     4 Scholar                    Hants Bournemouth Elsie Alice Keeling
                     Harry Keeling      Son       s  2                               Hants Bournemouth Douglas Harry Keeling
                     Allan Goddard      Boarder   s 26    Grocers assistant employed ?
                     Earnest Peckham    Boarder   s 20    ???               employed Hants Southampton
                     Emily West         Boarder   s    12 General servant            Hants Portsmouth

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