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The 1891 census, showing Edwin Littlejohns living in East St. Pancras, London.

78 Leigh??? 4 rooms occupied Edwin Littlejohns        Head     married 32    C. Stage Carpenter employed London Bloomsbury    Edwin Littlejohns
                             Gertrude Littlejohns     Wife     married    32                             London Bloomsbury    Leonora Gertrude E. Peakome
                             Emily G. Littlejohns     Daughter            12                             London Lambeth       Emily Gertrude Littlejohns
                             Horace E. C. Littlejohns Son              10                                London Bloomsbury    Captain Horace Edwin Cole Littlejohns
                             Sybil M. Littlejohns     Daughter             8                             London Bloomsbury    Sybil Mabel Littlejohns
                             Gladys D. Littlejohns    Daughter             6                             London Bloomsbury    Dorothy Gladys Littlejohns
                             Frank C. Littlejohns     Son               5                                London Highgate      Claude Septimus Frank Littlejohns
                             Sarah Ann Bennett        Aunt     single     60 Dress Mau??? Maker employed Devonshire Devonport Sarah Anne Bennett

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