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The 1881 census, showing Hugh Porter and his family, living at Church Lane, Haddenham, Cambridgeshire.

Church Lane Hugh Porter         Head     married   34    Farmer + 1st ??? 1st Cambs R.V. Coveney Cambridgeshire   Hugh Porter
            Emily D. Porter     Wife     married      29 "        "       Wife           Haddenham Cambridgeshire Emily Drage Pate
            Ellen M. Porter     Daughter               9 Scholar                         Haddenham Cambridgeshire (Nellie) Ellen Martha Porter
            Emily G. Porter     Daughter               7 Scholar                         Haddenham Cambridgeshire Emily Grace Gertrude Porter
            Elizabeth D. Porter Daughter               5 Scholar                         Haddenham Cambridgeshire (Bessie) Elizabeth Drage Porter
            Edith M. Porter     Daughter               3 Scholar                         Haddenham Cambridgeshire Edith Mary Porter
            Emily Bolter        Servant  unmarried    40 Domestic servant nurse          Haddenham Cambridgeshire
            Sophia Pointer      Servant  unmarried    16 Domestic general servant        Romsey Hampshire 

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