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The 1861 census, showing Martha Warth living at Church Lane, Haddenham, Cambridgeshire. The previous page of the census presumably starts this entry and contains Robert Porter, but I am currently missing that page.

Church Lane Martha Porter     Wife     Married      57                  Cambridgeshire Chatteris Martha Warth
            Martha W. Porter  Daughter Unmarried    28 Farmers Daughter Cambridgeshire Coveney   Martha Warth Porter
            Mary C. Porter    Daughter Unmarried    26 Farmers Daughter Cambridgeshire Coveney   Mary Clay Porter
            Robert K. Porter  Son      Unmarried 25    Farmers Son      Cambridgeshire Coveney   Robert Knights Porter
            Hugh Porter       Son      Unmarried 14    Scholar          Cambridgeshire Coveney   Hugh Porter
            Charles W. Palmer Visitor            14    Scholar          Cambridgeshire Cambridge
            Maria Greaves     Servant  Unmarried    19 House Servant    Cambridgeshire Thesford

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