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At the Christening of Confidential.

Back row: Percy Gilbert Tate, Arthur?, Rosalind Bartlett, Phillip K Dolan
Front row: Dorothy Gladys Littlejohns, Joyce Tate, holding Confidential, Phillip Dolan's sister and baby, and a priest.

This photo was taken in Hawaii, circa 1942.

'Arthur' might be Phillip Dolan's sister's husband.
The (very hard to read) writing on the rear was written by Dorothy Gladys Littlejohns, with annotations by Confidential and reads:
Family group taken at
Nancy's (Nancy's) Christening
Back row Percy, *Arthur?*, Rosalind
Philip, myself, Joyce + Nancy (Joyce + Nancy)
Philip's sister + baby + *can't read*
(Myself = Dorothy Gladys Tate
	nèe Littlejohns)

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