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A letter sent by Ralph Henry Holland, the Director of the shipping company Harris & Dixon Ltd, to Charles Edward Garry, relating to the disappearance of the S.S La Crescenta, aboard which Charles Edward Garry's son, Hubert Grenville Garry, was third engineer. It is dated "9th January 1935".
Mr. Garry,
  11, Kelne Road,
     Winchmore Hill, N. 17.
Dear Sir,
s.s. "La Crescenta"
As we have previously informed you, this
vessel is now considerably overdue on her voyage from
California to Japan, but in view of the heavy weather
which has prevailed we have maintained the hope that
through a possible accident to her wireless and machinery
vessel may have been temporarily disabled, and hoped for
news of her from passing ships.
The news we have now received from the tank
vessel "ATHEL BEACH", reporting having passed through
pools of oil on the surface of the sea in the Pacific
quite near the position in which the "LA CRESCENTA" was
last signalled on December 5th by another vessel, the
s.s. "ATHEL VISCOUNT", creates a very grave situation,
and we fear that little hope can be held out of the safety
of the ship or her crew.
We have made every possible effort to trace
the vessel, and all ships in the Pacific have been searching
for her ever since the delay became serious, but the results
have been completely negative.
Whilst we are continuing our effort to
trace the vessel and her crew, and hope they may be success-
ful, we feel the time has now come when you should be advised
of the gravity of the position, and the possibility that
our search may prove hopeless.
Yours faithfully,
R. H. Holland

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