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Captain Horace Edwin Cole Littlejohns

This is a very interesting picture. You can see the pips on his arms, which indicate that he is a Captain. He has a walking stick, so was obviously wounded. He is also holding something that looks like a cap. I investigated this further, and found that it actually seems to be German!

The writing on the rear is written by two people. The first part is easy to read, the second much harder.
Horace at
Dec 1917
+ gassed
Liquid gas
This is a colourised version of the original image. The colourisation was done in 2009 by the user 'terry hastie' at the forum.
I think that the final restored and coloured image is absolutely fantastic. The original was a scratched and slightly ripped postage stamp sized photo that fitted into the
palm of my hand.
The original black and white image is here.

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