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2014-06-07: Website redesign.

2014-05-31: burp-ui is introduced.

2014-05-31: burp-1.4.16 is released.

2014-04-29: burp-1.4.14 is released.

2014-04-09: OpenSSL Heartbleed bug
It is being widely reported that some recent versions of openssl have a serious bug. If your computers (especially your servers) are using a version of openssl between 1.0.1 and 1.0.1f, you should upgrade them to openssl 1.0.1g as soon as possible. Since this openssl bug has been around for 2 years, you should probably consider your certificates to be compromised.

Burp windows clients were using openssl 1.0.1e. I understand that it is a possibility that a malicious server could steal client information.
I have therefore updated the Windows burp-depkgs with openssl-1.0.1g and built updated Windows installers for burp-1.3.48 and burp-1.4.12. These installers can be found via the downloads page.

2014-03-29: burp-2.0.4 is released.

2014-03-29: burp-1.4.12 is released.

burp-1.3.48 is now the stable version.
burp-1.3.10 is now the old stable version.

2014-01-27: burp-1.3.48 is released.

2013-12-30: burp-1.3.46 is released.

2013-12-01: burp-1.4.10 and burp-1.3.44 are released.
1.4.10 is for new features. 1.3.44 is the candidate for a stable version, to which only bug fixes will be added.

2013-11-29: burp-1.4.8 and burp-1.3.42 are released.
1.4.8 is for new features. 1.3.42 is the candidate for a stable version, to which only bug fixes will be added.

2013-10-30: burp-1.4.6 and burp-1.3.40 are released.
1.4.6 is for new features. 1.3.40 is the candidate for a stable version, to which only bug fixes will be added.

2013-10-02: burp-1.4.4 and burp-1.3.38 are released.
1.4.4 is for new features. 1.3.38 is the candidate for a stable version, to which only bug fixes will be added.

2013-09-02: burp-1.4.2 is released.

2013-07-29: burp-1.4.0 and burp-1.3.36 are released.
1.4.0 is for new features. 1.3.36 is the candidate for a stable version, to which only bug fixes will be added.

2013-06-29: burp-1.3.34 is released.

2013-05-31: burp-1.3.32 is released.

2013-03-30: burp-1.3.30 is released.

2013-03-30: burp-1.3.28 is released.

2013-03-05: burp-1.3.26 is released.

2013-01-29: burp-1.3.24 is released.

There is still a bug in the Windows strip_vss/split_vss options in burp-1.3.22. Files that change on Windows are truncated in the backup. If you are using either of those options, it is recommended that you turn them off until the next release of burp.

2013-01-02: burp-1.3.22 is released.

2012-12-18: burp-1.3.20 is released.

2012-11-02: burp-1.3.18 is released.

2011-11-01: My attention has been brought to issue 10 of 'Admin Magazine', which has just arrived in Australia. Burp is mentioned on the cover, and there is a 5 page article featuring it inside. "Burp coughs up the goods".

2012-10-09: burp-1.3.16 is released. If you have any clients on 1.3.14, you should upgrade them to 1.3.16 as soon as possible.

2012-09-27: burp-1.3.14 is released.

2012-08-28: burp-1.3.12 is released.

2012-07-28: burp-1.3.10 is released.

2012-06-08: burp-1.3.8 is released. If you have been using 1.3.6 on the server side, it is advised that you upgrade the server side straight away.

2012-05-28: burp-1.3.6 is released.

2012-04-27: burp-1.3.4 is released.

2012-03-31: burp-1.3.2 is released.

2012-01-27: burp-1.3.1 is released.

2012-01-27: burp-1.3.0 is released.

2011-12-30: burp-1.2.7 is released.

2011-11-26: burp-1.2.5 is released.

2011-11-22: burp-1.2.4 is released.

2011-09-29: burp-1.2.2 is released.

2011-09-09: burp-1.2.0 is released.

2011-09-01: In the UK, a nice half-page review of burp has appeared in the October edition of 'Linux Format' magazine, in their 'Hot Picks' section.

2011-07-26: burp-1.1.70 is released.

2011-06-27: burp-1.1.65 is released.

2011-06-14: burp-1.1.57 is released.

2011-05-13: burp-1.1.55 is released.

2011-04-14: burp-1.1.51 is released.

2011-04-02: burp-1.1.40 is released.

2011-03-28: git repository added.

2011-03-27: burp-1.1.30 is released.

2011-03-18: burp-1.1.22 is released.

2011-03-10: burp-1.1.14 is released.

2011-03-02: burp-1.1.5 is released.

2011-02-27: burp-1.1.0 is released.

2011-02-16: burp-1.0.31 is released.

2011-02-02: burp-1.0.11 is released.

2011-02-02: burp-1.0.10 is released.

2011-01-30: burp-1.0.9 is released.

2011-01-25: burp-1.0.5 is released.

2011-01-25: Mailing list created.

2011-01-23: burp-1.0.3 is released.

2011-01-22: burp-1.0.0 is released.

2011-01-22: Web site created.

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