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Donald Bolt Tabitha Hallett
(c1858) (c1864)
Henry David Bolt
Born c09/1886 in Poole, Dorset [freebmd]
Emily May L. Bolt (1884)
(Gilly) Lily Ada Bolt (1888)
Violet Jessie H. Bolt (1892)
Charles Arthur Bolt (1895)
Herbert Leslie Bolt (1898)
Extra information
Listed as a 14 year old butcher's boy in the 1901 census.
Direct ancestors
 1 Donald Bolt (c1858)
  2 William Henry Bolt (c1822)
   3 Henry Bolt
  2 Jane Mary Ann Felt (1819 - 1858)
   3 Hans Christian Felt
   3 Elizabeth Philpot
 1 Tabitha Hallett (c1864)
  2 David Hallett (c1827)
  2 Mary (c1827)
Direct descendants

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