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This is what I have learnt about my family tree.

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Interesting people

Robert Pate, the person with the best hat and the best beard.
Hugh Porter, who lost the family fortune on the horses.
William Drage, who wrote an interesting will.
James Garry, who was an architect, a freemason, and an enemy of sparrow-clappers.
Jeremiah Littlejohns, who married his cousin.
Frederick John Dafforn Chadwick, hero of the Great War.
Sir Alfred Gilbert, famous sculptor and goldsmith.
Archibald Albert Keeling, hero of the Great War.
Captain Horace Edwin Cole Littlejohns, published author and hero of the Boer War and the Great War.
Hubert Grenville Garry, who went down with his ship.
Elizabeth Drage Brandford, the person with the oldest photo.
Edwin Littlejohns, who went to the Crimean War.
Richard Garrie, the oldest known member of the family.
Susanna Littlejohns, who married her cousin.

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