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Edwin Thomas Chadwick Laura Yates
(1868 - 1946) (1870 - 1958)
Frederick John Dafforn Chadwick
Born 19/06/1894 in Camberwell, London
Died 27/11/1972 in Lymington, Hampshire
Doris Emily Gertrude Littlejohns (1905 - 1997)
14/09/1940 in St. Katherine's Church, Southbourne, Hampshire
John Dudley Chadwick (1926 - 1984)
Extra information
Frederick was born in Camberwell in 1894 and his early years were spent there. When his father moved to Ilford, Fred attended the Loxford Boys school there and after leaving school became for a time a bank clerk.

He joined the Territorial Army in December 1911 and was therefore one of the first to be called to the colours in 1914 on the outbreak of the Great War. He was enlisted into the Post Office Rifles, 8th London Regiment, and in November 1914 was sent to France.

On 11th December 1914 he sent a post card to his mother showing himself and sixteen other soldiers with the comment that this is all that is left of his platoon which left London 52 strong just a few weeks before.

Fred continued to serve in the trenches until 1916, rising up to the rank of sergeant, and was then posted to Ireland to Officer's Training School at Moore Park, being commissioned into the Middlesex Regiment in July 1917.

In 1919 he was posted to India in the Machine Gun Corps and ended up in Lahore where he met Dorothy Scott. They became engaged in October 1920 and were married the following September. He responded to a call for serving officers to join the Indian Police service and by the end of 1921 had joined the Indian Police.

He served all over Southern India in the Police, usually not spending more than 2 years in any one post, finally retiring in June 1947, just before the partition of India. He was a District Superintendent. On 29th June 1938 he saw Dorothy off on her last journey to England and took a photo of her standing on the steps of their bungalow in Kurnool, he never saw her again.

After his retirement he came to live in Lymington, Hampshire and settled down instantly to a very quiet life in the country, he never seemed to miss the hurly burly of his police years.

Frederick died on 27th November 1972 of Coronary Thrombosis at the Royal South Hants Hospital, where Dorothy had started her training 56 years before.

He is buried in Pennington Churchyard.

His movements and postings during his time in India:

Married at Lahore in September 1921 while still with the army, but posted to Vellore Police Training School October 1921 and subsequently stationed in Vellore until May 1924.

Returned to England on leave on the Bibby Line SS Oxfordshire leaving Colombo on 14th May 1924 and arriving in London on 5th June 1924 and went back to India leaving London February 1925 aboard the SS Mubhera.

Posted to Cuddalore on return from England in February 1925 and remained there until December 1929.

Left Cuddalore for Australia early December 1929 via Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), departing Talaimannar, Ceylon on 6th December 1929 and arrived Fremantle, Western Australia on 17th December, then by train across Australia to Melbourne.

Stayed in Australia for nearly six months visiting Dorothy's relatives and finally left Sydney on 11th June for Wellington, New Zealand, where they stayed for ten days, leaving Wellington aboard the New Zealand Shipping Company's RMS Rangitata on 21st June 1930 via Panama and arriving in Southampton on 25th July, having been delayed for a day in the Atlantic helping the SS Targis, a German ship that was on fire, Rangitata took all the crew off the Targis and stood by her until she sank.

The family returned to India aboard P&O's SS Narkunda, which left London on the 9th of January 1931 and were due to disembark at Colombo on 31st January, however they left the ship at Bombay on 30th January and Fred was then posted to Erode in February 1931.

His next posting was to Chittoor in July 1932 for a little over two years, then he was sent to Masulipatam (now known as Machilipatnam) on India's East coast in July 1934. He stayed in Masulipatam until his next leave in when he and all his family left Bombay aboard the P&O's newest ship the Viceroy of India on 22nd February 1936 and arrived in London on 14th March.

Fred and Dorothy then left London again on 31st October 1936 on P&O's SS Chitral arriving in Bombay on 19th November 1936.

He was then posted to Kurnool.
Direct ancestors
 1 Edwin Thomas Chadwick (1868 - 1946)
 1 Laura Yates (1870 - 1958)
Direct descendants
 1 John Dudley Chadwick (1926 - 1984)
 1 Confidential
 1 Confidential

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