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William Goulder Ann ?
(1815 - c1900) (1816 - c1900)
Herbert William Goulder
Born in Wimbotsham, Norfolk
Died <1891
(Bessie) Elizabeth Drage Pate (1852 - c1920)
05/1877 in Ely, Cambridgeshire
Lorna Bessie Goulder (1882 - 1957)
Extra information
He may have had other children.

Marriages Jun 1877 Ely 3b 911 says that Herbert William Goulder married Charlotte Jackson.

The index here is almost certainly wrong. The wife's name should be (Bessie) Elizabeth Drage Pate, unless Charlotte Jackson died before 1881 and Herbert married Elizabeth as his second wife a year or two later, but no later marriage has yet been found.
Direct ancestors
 1 William Goulder (1815 - c1900)
 1 Ann ? (1816 - c1900)
Direct descendants
 1 Lorna Bessie Goulder (1882 - 1957)
  2 Confidential

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