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The 1861 census, showing the widower Robert Pate living with his unmarried sister and his children in Church End, Haddenham, Cambridgeshire.

Church End Robert Pate       Head     Widower   41    Farmer 360 acres                  Cambridgeshire Haddenham Robert Pate
                                                      employing 12 men 8 bots + 8 girls
           Anna M. Pate      Sister   Unmarried    44                                   Cambridgeshire Haddenham Anna Maria Pate
           Emily D. Pate     Daughter              10 Scholar                           Cambridgeshire Haddenham Emily Drage Pate
           Elizabeth D. Pate Daughter               9 Scholar                           Cambridgeshire Haddenham (Bessie) Elizabeth Drage Pate
           Thomas D. Pate    Son                 7    Scholar                           Cambridgeshire Haddenham Thomas Drage Pate
           Sarah A. Burket   Servant  Unmarried    19 House Maid                        Cambridgeshire Haddenham
           Eliza Morlock     Servant  Unmarried    24 Cook                              Cambridgeshire Littleport

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