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Buchanan Clark + WellsMr & Mrs Keeling
24 George SquareXXXXXX
G2 1EG19/12/2009

Your 'BCW Ref': B11912516

Your 'Client Ref': 183320221

To whom it may concern;


You have again contacted us with reference to an alleged debt that you say is owed by ourselves to Southern Electric Gas for the dates 26/10/2008 to 03/11/2008 at XXXXXXXXX Road XXXXXXXXXXXX.

We informed you, by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery, that we had vacated the address above prior to the date range that you have given.
In a letter dated 11/12/2009, you requested a copy of the tenancy agreement and meter readings at the start and end of the tenancy.

  • We have never been billed by Southern Electric Gas for the dates given above. They have all of our contact details - address, phone number and email - should they wish to do so.
  • We are able to log in to our online account with Southern Electric Gas, and no such bill exists.
  • We have already informed Southern Electric Gas of the final meter reading.
  • We have already paid the amended final bill provided to us by Southern Electric Gas based upon the final meter reading.
  • We have copies of the final bill, the amended final bill, and the confirmation of payment for the amended final bill from Southern Electric Gas.
  • Other than the dates, you omit any relevant information of how the alleged debt is comprised. The total that you quote for one week is far in excess of previous bills related to the address.
  • We had never heard of your company before your sudden aggressive demands.
  • Researching your company name online has made us aware of the methods with which you operate.
  • We are familiar with the Office of Fair Trading debt collection guidance.
  • It is not up to us to prove that we do not owe the alleged debt. It is up to you to prove that this alleged debt exists, prove that we are the debtors, and to prove your entitlement to enforce it.
  • We know that we do not owe the alleged debt to your company. Therefore, any attempt to use legal means to extract it from us will fail. Therefore any threats to carry out legal proceedings carry no weight with us.

For these reasons, we refuse to provide you with any copies of anything, or any further information.

Your most recent letter, dated 16/12/2009 and containing further threats of legal action, has been noted.

All further correspondence from you will either be ignored or passed onto the following organisations, as appropriate:

  • The Office of Fair Trading
  • Trading Standards
  • The Financial Ombudsman Service

For convenience, this document is permanently available to view online at http://grke.net/XXXXXXXX.html.
It was posted, via Royal Mail Recorded Delivery, to the address at the top left on 21/12/2009.

Yours sincerely,
Mr & Mrs Keeling