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This document is available to view online at http://grke.net/XXXXXXX.html

Buchanan Clark + WellsMr & Mrs Keeling
24 George SquareXXXXXX

Your 'BCW Ref': B11912516
Your 'Client Ref': 183320221

To Darren Carruthers, Quality Assurance Officer,

This is a formal complaint.

On 28/04/2010, we received a letter from you in response to our later dated 02/04/2010.

You have failed to address some of our demands:

  • We are yet to receive any apology from your company, let alone a genuine and sincere one.
  • You have not removed all records of our name, address and associated records from your computer systems.
    Claims that 'your file is closed' are not good enough. Any records need to be thoroughly purged. You need to provide written confirmation that this has been done.

Furthermore, your excuse that it was not your fault that your client gave you incorrect information is not good enough. Your threat letters were sent out without any verification of any sort on your behalf. You were abjectedly unable to provide any evidence of your claims. As such, we hold your company entirely and directly responsible for the undue distress and anxiety caused.

  • Therefore, we will repeat our demand for compensation for the stress that you have caused us, and the time that we have wasted in dealing with your strident incompetence. We suggest that 50 GBP per threat letter received is a reasonable amount. That totals 400 GBP for the 8 that we received. We will accept a cheque.

For convenience, this document is permanently available to view online at http://grke.net/XXXXXX.html.

You might have noticed that all our correspondence to you is archived on our website. The archive will be expanded to include scans of all the reprehensible communications that we have received from your company. Currently, this archive is hidden from public view - internet search engines do not find them. Be assured that, should we not be satisfied, this situation will change and our pages will be one of the top matches when somebody types 'Buchanan Clark and Wells' into google.

Yours sincerely,
Mr & Mrs Keeling