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BCW response 02

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April 28, 2010
Ref: B11912516
Pursuers: Southern Electric Gas
Client Ref: 183320221
Final Response

Dear Mr & Mrs Keeling

I write with regard to your letter of April 02, 2010, issued in relation to the aforementioned account.

I can confirm we have undertaken an investigation into the issues raised in the above referenced correspondence and have concluded that your complaint has been refuted. The reasons for this are detailed below.

BCW Group plc acts in good faith on the information and instructions issued to us by our clients. We are passed this information on the basis that the information provided is true and correct at the time of issue. In this instance, we were passed an account in your name with instructions to pursue for the full balance accordingly.

We have acted upon the information you have provided within the context of the instructions received from our client. Despite your refusal to submit information requested by us in our letter of December 12, 2009, we referred the points raised in your letter of December 19, 2009, back to our client. The account was placed on hold until a response was forthcoming. We were advised by Southern Electric Gas on February 18, 2010, that the balance was still due and collectable. We received no further contact in relation to this matter until March 30, 2010, when our client instructed us to withdraw as the account has now been recalculated.

BCW Group plc, acting as a third party Debt Recovery Agency on behalf of Southern Energy Gas does not place defaults on an individual's credit file. This action would be taken by our client in the event that deemed it appropriate.

In view of the above, no offer of monetary compensation will be made by this office.

Our file has duly been closed at the behest of our client. No further correspondence will be issued by BCW Group plc in this regard.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 111 0411 should you require any further assistance. You can also e-mail on contactus@bcwgroup.com

Yours sincerely,

Darren Carruthers
Quality Assurance Officer BCW Group plc