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Southern Electric Gas complaint 03

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COMPLAINT (follow up)

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Mr and Mrs Keeling
Your ref: 435231221XXXXXX
BCW ref: B11912516XXXXXX
To Natalie Mclean, Customer Relations;24/05/2010

Thank you for your letter dated 15 April 2010. Thank you also for your apology, offer of compensation and explanation of what happened. All are most appreciated.

We are sorry that we didn't reply sooner - we were awaiting a response from Buchanan Clark and Wells to our requests for an apology from them, and confirmation that they had removed all of our details from their computer systems.

Unfortunately, after repeated requests, they are not willing to do those things.

We quote from their most recent letter to us:
We are unable to comply with your request to have all data relevant to this account removed from our file as we are not the Data Controllers. As we were acting as a third party debt recovery agency on behalf of our client Southern Electric Gas, we are data processors. Any instructions to remove any data held would need to come directly from our client.
Our stance in relation to this matter should be directed to our client.

It takes a very special kind of arrogance to do what they do - to bully, threaten and harass people and then offload all responsibility onto somebody else.

There is no legitimate reason for these bandits to continue to hold any data about us.

Please instruct them to purge all the data that they have on us, and to apologise immediately.

We look forward to confirmation from yourselves that you have done this, and to evidence of their compliance.

Yours sincerely,

Mr and Mrs Keeling