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Gruke is based on juke, although the code was written from scratch.
Juke seems to have lost it's homepage now. It used to be here.


Like juke, gruke is a text console based jukebox program.

Screenshot 1   Screenshot 2   The help screen

With all other jukebox programs that I tried out, I found that none would let me select consecutive continuous songs from an album and play them without breaks.

To get around this, I ripped all my albums as single tracks and marked up where the track boundaries were in a text file. There is a program included with gruke for helping you to do this, called 'queryfix'. Queryfix takes the output of a 'cdparanoia -Q' command and produces a config file that gruke can read, leaving blank spaces for you to fill in the track titles. You can use queryfix like this:
queryfix 30 <flac file> <cdparanoia output> > .cfg
'30' is the number of flac frames to subtract from the start position of each track. Without doing this, you sometimes get the beginning of the next track being played at the end of the current track. I find that '30' is a good value. If you find that the track boundaries are wrong, you can correct them using a text editor anyway.

I compressed my music files using flac, a free lossless audio codec. gruke may work with other audio formats - it depends upon alsaplayer. If you were to try other formats, the queryfix program would probably need tweeking in order to get the frame count right.

To compile, type 'make' in the unpacked source directory.

To run gruke, type './gruke <path to music repository>'

Each directory in your repository should contain a '.cfg' file. The '.cfg' file specifies the path to a music file, ranges of frames and corresponding title tracks.

Here is a sample '.cfg' file for the album 'Electric Ladyland' by Jimi Hendrix;
ell.flac:00003:01598:...And The Gods Made Love
ell.flac:01598:04087:Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)
ell.flac:04087:06893:Crosstown Traffic
ell.flac:06893:24120:Voodoo Chile
ell.flac:24120:27411:Little Miss Strange
ell.flac:27411:31388:Long Hot Summer Night
ell.flac:31388:36161:Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)
ell.flac:36161:40442:Gypsy Eyes
ell.flac:40442:44645:Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
ell.flac:44645:48903:Rainy Day, Dream Away
ell.flac:48903:64586:1983... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)
ell.flac:64586:65766:Moon, Turn The Tides... Gently Gently Away
ell.flac:65766:70851:Still Raining, Still Dreaming
ell.flac:70851:76075:House Burning Down
ell.flac:76075:80682:All Along The Watchtower
ell.flac:80682:86675:Voodoo Child (Slight Return)