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Thu 18 October 2007

So, I arrived in the office car park at started my nap in the back seat. I had a lengthy non-lucid dream that I can no longer recall the specifics of. Part of it involved Nick Frost from Spaced. I eventually ended up in the doorway to a cobbled street. It was evening, or night time, everything being very grey. There were buildings on the other side of the street. I was talking to a girl, who turned to leave. As she left across the road, she started running. As she started running, she started growing fatter and fatter. When she got across the street, she jumped up and smashed through the first floor window, getting stuck in the frame.

I thought to myself, "well that is a very strange thing to happen, I should do a reality check."

So, I looked down at my hands.

They were all distorted and strangely curved.

I must be dreaming...


Suddenly the dream turns lucid and the street explodes into bright colour and daylight. People in old-fashioned - possibly Victorian - clothes are walking around on the cobbles. The women are wearing big dresses - the kind of things that the "I'm a lady!" character from Little Britain wears.
I feel very excited about the fact that I'm conscious inside my dream. Everything seems very realistic. I remember from reading various tutorials that I must keep calm, otherwise I will be in danger of waking up, so I take some deep breaths and try to control my excitement.
I think, "well, I can do anything I want here, this is my dream." But, I'm worried that it perhaps isn't a dream and I might get arrested for doing something that I shouldn't be doing - it's that realistic.
So, I decide to do another reality check. I lift my right arm up in front of my face and will it to disappear. It starts to fade away, which is good enough evidence for me!
I proceed to do things that I wouldn't do in real life.

I end up running around inside a shopping centre on the other side of the street. At one point, I stop to look in a full length mirror. I'm wearning a black cape and top hat like some kind of moustache-twirling silent film villain. At some later point, I go past the mirror again. This time, my head is completely bald and covered in black paint, which is even odder.

I feel that the dream is becoming 'thinner' and I remember a technique that I've read that enables you to prolong your lucid dream. That is 'dream spinning'. You spin around on the spot and it is supposed to increase clarity. So, I try it, and it works. Apparently, it often teleports you to a new location too, but I was still in the shopping centre.

I remember that the Dream Views forum has a 'monthly lucid task', where lucid dreamers are invited to try to do a certain task in their dreams and report back on how they did. They normally have an advanced task and a more simple one. For example, an advanced one might be to get yourself killed by a bolt of lightning. A simple task might be to find a pack of playing cards, remove one of them and report back on the card that you selected.

The task that I remembered from this forum was the one where you had to plant a seed in the ground, and watch the plant grow in slow motion. So, I thought that if I put my hand in my pocket, I might be able to find a seed to plant. Unfortunately, I could only get my fingertips to brush something that might have been a seed, and I found it frustating, so I gave up on the task.

I carried on causing trouble in the shopping centre. All the time, there was strange music going on in the back ground. It was kind of like stereotypical indian instruments, but greatly slowed down. In the end, I woke up directly from my dream. I think I expected that I would sink back into non-clarity and have a period of unconsciousness before I woke up, but I just switched directly from being in a dream to being awake.

I felt very pleased with myself for managing to have a lucid dream, and very excited about the prospect of having more.