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Thu 22 November 2007

This time, I had been unable to sleep and probably ended up managing it at around 1:00am. I had a lucid dream whilst in my bed at home, before getting up and driving to the office.
I was having a convoluted normal dream about being stuck in a multi-storey buliding - a hotel or a shopping centre or something. Somebody was locked up in the basement and I needed to escape from the bad person doing evil things in the building. One of the security guards (who looked like Ian Wright but who's name was Joe) realised the same thing as me and had run down the long stairs, only to be incapacitated somehow. Two policemen arrived to take him away, and I managed to get into the police car in order to escape the building. We were then driving along on the beach next to a stormy ocean, and I was worried that a big wave would come and kill us. And then a huge tidal wave did come along and crash over us.
I have had dreams to do with tidal waves at the beach before, so when I noticed that I wasn't dead, I realised that it was a dream and I was lucid!

Suddenly, I'm in a village or town street with a dirt road and wooden buildings either side. All the people are dressed like I'd imagine poor people to be dressed in Charles Dickens' time. The really odd thing is that the sky is filled with stars shooting past that look like the strobing stars from the eighties (Tom Baker / Peter Davison / Colin Baker) version of the Doctor Who title sequence. This is casting strobing patterns over everybody's skin.

I'm actually floating above people's heads. I reach down and shout, 'touch my hand!' And people do actually touch my hand and I can feel them.

I decide to try to manipulate things in the street. I play around at making people bigger and smaller by framing them inbetween my thumb and forefinger, and making a motion to expand and contract them.

I walk a little around in the street, causing trouble, and I feel that I might wake up very soon, so I try to spin. I do it with my eyes closed, and when I opened them I was awake in my bed.

It was 4:50am, and I got up to go to the office.