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Wed 31 October 2007

I went to the office on Wednesday this week, because I was on holiday starting on Thursday.
So, I arrived in the office car park again and laid down in the back seat. As I had two coats and a pillow instead of the usual one coat and pillow, I was lying in a more upright position, with my head facing the side window.
I had some kind of a vague dream about being in a classroom. Everybody had done that art homework, but I got in trouble because I hadn't done any - I didn't even know any had been set!

I am suddenly aware of being in the slightly upright position, and I hear a noise in my left ear. It is like the engines of a sci-fi space ship shutting down, a descending tone. As this happens, I feel as if my head is dropping to the right. I see some flashing bright lights. I get very excited, as I think, "this is it, I'm entering a lucid dream!"

I'm in the same position on a seat, but I'm looking out of a rectangular window, slightly longer vertically than it is horizontally, with curved corners. Tall green plants with small yellow flowers on top are brushing past the window in waves. I'm on the back seat of a train.
I struggle to enter the dream, but I find it hard to move from my position. I remember an idea that I've read on a form - you're supposed to shout out, "more clarity!"
However, I'm worried that my real-life body will shout it out, so I just mumble it instead. It doesn't work. I feel as if I'm on the border of being asleep and inside a dream, and the slightest thing might wake me. I need to solidify the dream. So, I remember the idea of trying to use all of your senses. I manage to reach out and touch the window. I try licking the window(!) This helps a little, and I am able to stand up and start walking down the length of the carriage, brushing past the red forward-facing seats. I go past an old man who is reading a newspaper. The train is just stopping at a station and the doors open to let people on. A woman is at the front of the queue to get on, but suddenly I wake up.

I was very disappointed that this dream was so brief. I had just about got into it, and it was over.
I think I need to work on taking my time to solidify the dream, rather than rushing about trying to do things.