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Thu 13 December 2007

So, I arrived in the office car park again and laid down in the back seat, on my side. I started the technique of moving two fingers on my right hand very slightly and slowly...

Very quickly, it seems, I hear a sudden high pitched noise in my ears and see flashing lights. I feel as if I'm rolling off the car seat. It's kind of an adrenaline rush, and I quickly try to calm myself. I am suddenly floating above the space in the centre of my car. In the middle of my vision is a view of the gear stick from above. Waves are radiating out from it, and it looks very cool. I tell myself to remember what it looks like when I wake up, then rub my hands together in order to make things more realistic. The image of the gear stick solidifies straight away.
I move backwards, up through the car roof, which now appears silver and solid beneath me. I move done to the pavement and observe that it is a very nice, sunny day. Instead of walking down the street, I lift off the ground slightly and levitate. At some point later on, I either stop levitating and walk, or I don't notice that I'm levitating any more.
I'm walking around a normal town. I walk past normal places such as a school playground, and everything seems very realistic. At one point, I stop and try to remember some things that I want to try out. I decide to try to summon Freddie Mercury out of thin air, but I find that difficult. So, I try to convince myself that I will find him when I walk around the corner at the end of the street. I go to the end of the street, but Freddie Mercury isn't there, although a guy walks past who has a moustache exactly like him!
I carry on walking around town. I walk past a glass-fronted supermarket and decide to look into the reflective glass to see what I look like. My face looks quite scary. The best way that I've come up with to describe it is that it looked quite similar to the masks that the kids wear in Pink Floyd's The Wall, but with slightly shrunken features. A look at myself for a little while, moving my eyes and mouth.
After having enough, I walk off. I decide to try something else that I had been planning. I had wanted to go to an open-mike thing at a pub, and try playing a specific song on an acoustic guitar in front of people. So, I look for a pub. I find an Irish pub with sounds of singing coming from inside, so I go in. There are seven or eight Irish people sitting around, some playing instruments. I need to find my acoustic guitar in order to play, so I look behind some amplifiers. I find my cheap old electric guitar that has a G string that never stays in tune. Oh well.
I start trying to play "We'll Run Away" by the Beach Boys, but it sounds terrible and I give up after a couple of bars. As I'm leaving, it looks like the DJ behind a counter has fallen asleep. I hear the recording of the original song start playing from somewhere, and I continue to hear it when I get on the street. I am impressed with how real it sounds.
I end up walking along the beach, and get up to no good there. I feel myself starting to wake up. I might have actually regained consciousness at one point, but I managed to get myself back into the dream, which I was quite pleased with.
I end up walking next to a shopping arcade where a Doctor Who exhibition is being held. I realise that this is an ideal time to try to find a TARDIS and see where it takes me. I walk past the queue to get in, and notice a police box prop at the back. It has a key in the door. I push the doors open and go in. Unfortunately, it is dark inside. I walk further into the darkness, expecting a white console room to appear. All I manage to get is a bad quality fuzzy picture of the original console room with the original Doctor Who cast standing behind it, as if viewed on an old TV set, and at this point I woke up.