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Mon 04 February 2008

So, I arrived in the office car park again and laid down in the back seat, on my side. I started the technique of moving two fingers on my right hand very slightly and slowly.
I saw bright white flashing lights, heard screaming, and felt a plummeting sensation. I controlled myself as I realised I was entering a lucid dream.
I emerged into a dream, did a few things, and the dream faded very quickly. I managed to control the state enough that I could enter a new dream. This happened perhaps five or six times overall, so I had lots of short little lucid dreams rather than one longer one. I was quite pleased by this.
The one that I remember the most clearly was to do with a place that was some kind of music studio. I was at the reception desk, where three people were working. I asked one of them where Freddie Mercury was (I'm going to find him one day...), and the guy on the left pointed out of the window and said, "she's out there."
I said, "I don't think you've understood the question - anyway, is there anybody else famous here?" The people looked confused, and at that point, I heard the beginning of the Pulp song 'Common People' starting up from down a corridor. I rushed down the corridor to find the room where I expected Pulp to be. I found them, playing next to the back wall of a room. Jarvis Cocker was much shorter than he should have been, which was disappointing. As I thought about that, the band faded out.
The wall behind them had all sorts of psychedlic patterns on it. I was able to control them. I used my hand to swirl the colours around from a distance. I was able to manipulatre and extrude a section in the centre, which ended up looking like a tentacle built of concentric rings, with a button at the tip. I was also able to change the colour of the tentacle, which turned from blue to yellow. When it turned yellow, I swiped it with my arm and it exploded into lots of tiny yellow pieces that filled the air and my vision. At this point, I left the dream, but was able to re-enter another. I think the next one was something about a beach.