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Mon 18 February 2008

I did my usual two fingered technique and got the plummeting feeling pretty quickly. I got up in the back of my car, in a dream, and shifted over to the steering wheel. I started driving down the motorway.
I had read something on the dream views forum about practicing dream control by looking at a door, imagining somebody on the other side, opening the door and then seeing that person. You're then supposed to shut the door, imagine a different person and open it to see that new person - and then repeat as quickly as you can.
So, I was driving down the motorway thinking that this wasn't very much good because there were no doors. So I decided that there must be some sort of building off to the side of the road, through the bushes. So, I just suddenly drove off sharply through the bushes to the left and found a big warehouse type building.
There was a large opening in the building for deliveries, so I walked in. I found a door, but it had a glass panel in it. Nevertheless, I imagined somebody and then opened the door. There was nobody there. I looked a bit closer, and somebody was actually hiding behind the wall to the right. I close the door again and tried to imagine Freddie Mercury, and opened it. Somebody was there, but it wasn't Freddie!
I left this dream, but got back inside another. I was outside a building that was a combination of the one that I work at, or a school I used to go to. I remembered people talking about being able to produce fire or lasers from their hands, so I tried shooting the building in such a way. Unfortunately, all I managed was a bit of an unconvincing Blake's 7 red glow. I walked up to some windows and looked at myself. I looked strange, the same as I looked in a previous lucid dream. I remembered that some people had talked about reaching into a mirror and pulling themselves out. I didn't think I'd manage that, so I just plunged my hands in and felt the glass distort around them, which was an interesting sensation.
All of this time, it was night, and I remember being annoyed that my lucids always seem to be in the dark. I concentrated on the starry sky and tried to make it daytime. It didn't work, but suddenly all the stars tilted and I lifted off of the ground and was flying! I took off and the dream faded. I can't remember if I came back into another dream.