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Thu 13 March 2008

I had read the monthly task on the Dream Views forum. It was something along the lines of doing something life-threatening to prove that you're dreaming.
I planned to get into a dream and impale myself on a spike, or an iron bar or something.
When I arrived at the place I park and sleep, there were a few builders around. I tried to ignore them and I did my usual two fingered technique and got the plummeting feeling pretty quickly.
I ended up in a dream, sitting on the back seat of my car. Instead of getting out of the door, I dived past the front seats and out through the window, which distorted around me and let me fly out. I was on the ground in the car park. I noticed that the car had its engine running, so I tried to click my fingers to make it stop. That didn't work, so I left it alone.
The car park was a bit different to real life. The buildings were more unfinished and the paths between them were lined with grass.
I decided to try to find something to impale myself on, so I approached a builder, who seemed to be around because of what I had just seen in real life.
I took a tool from his toolbag and said, "watch this!"
The tool was quite unimpressive - just a spike, the same size as a small screwdriver. I held it in my right hand and started pushing it through the forefinger of my left hand.
As I was expecting a lot of pain, it was really painful. But I forced it through the whole way. And then I pulled it out again. I remember that I felt the pain still in my finger for a little while afterwards, until I forgot about it.
I went down the path and found a policeman, standing next to his police motorbike, telling somebody off. So I grabbed his motorbike and rode off on it, which was quite fun.
I decided to have another go at threatening my life, so I went off-road, down a hill on a gravel path. I tried to go really fast to see what would happen, but the motorbike changed into a mountain bike, and the path levelled out, which was a bit disappointing.
I don't remember much after this, except that I went into a couple of other dreams. There was one where I was standing underneath a sort of spaghetti motorway junction, and I decided to fly upwards through the levels like superman, which was pretty good. I think that when I got into the open air, I woke up.