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This song was inspired by an article that I found on the internet, called The Perils of Obedience. It's rather a long article, but here's a very brief summary;
It describes an experiment whereby a person was placed under the impression that their actions were causing another individual ever-increasing amounts of pain. However, since they were being instructed to do it by somebody with authority, they would continue to step up the doses in order to satisfy the authority figure. They would feel that the responsibility for the actions that they themselves were performing were somehow not theirs anymore.
I found this interesting when I imagined people working in a large organisation where they are responsible for a small range of tasks, not wanting to think about anything outside of that tiny window.
I could imagine that this is the way that the Nazi exterminations were carried out.


Small cog in a big machine
No need to think just keep your slate clean
Those on either side mind their own
Keep on moving like a drone
Those above are out of sight
And those below they have no right
To question what you make them do
Their thoughts all belong to you now

Questioning how I live

Your actions can be excused
You're just following the rules
Set down in days of yore
You have recourse to the law
And if you find yourself questioning
About the things that you're doing
You don't want to wonder why
You just need to turn a blind eye now

Questioning how I live

Say the way that you want me going now