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This has to be my favourite out of all the recordings I have ever done!
It's about the need to appear to the world as if you are on top of things - that you are succeeding in what you are doing. The need to appear 'normal' and not 'different'. Most of the time, this is a pretence and inside, I expect most people have the nagging feeling that they are 'failing'.
I guess that some days you want to feel appreciated and that all your efforts actually mean something.
The word 'failing' also makes me think of the way that I failed my university degree, but that is slightly different to the sentiments that this song is expressing.
The final chanted line represents an attempt to build up resolve to try as hard as you can to get as far as possible in possibly limited time.
The keyboard riff is something I made up while messing around in rehearsals for my old band, Decorum.
The first version I recorded of this had very rough vocals. I recorded better ones, but after the hard disk crashed, I only had a mix with half of the better vocals and a complete mix of the original one. I have merged the two together to recreate the complete better version.


Daylight surfacing in my
Clouded mind's eye, I need to get by.
Salene solution daydream.
I need to dry clean.
I need to clean so it seems
I'm not failing, I'm not failing,
But it feels like, I said it feels like
I said I'm failing...

Save me so we can see we're
We're going somewhere instead of nowhere.
Believe me, I said relieve me.
Deeply breathing, we are breeding.
I need a deep thing, of that I'm seeking,
I feel it go in, into my skin.
I said I feel the sting...

I got the sunshine, I got the starlight
I'm gonna see how far I get tonight!