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Sad Song

This was inspired from one of those quotes you sometimes get in the preface to a novel. The novel was a Doctor Who N/A, but I can't be sure which one. It was a quote from the NME about The Prodigy, talking about 'the realisation that every sad song is written for me alone'. If anybody can help me place the quote, I'd be grateful!
The song itself is partly about being stuck in a place that you don't like particularly much. Which was true at the time I wrote it, being at Exeter University, and true now, being in Swindon.
There is also the contradiction that when you listen to a sad song that has deep meaning for you, it seems as if it was written especially for you. But the the likely truth is the exact opposite. It was most likely written to appeal to a mass market and the emotions that it makes you feel are extremely common.
I made a four track recording of it soon after I wrote it. I had a drum loop that I played along to. I recorded the same drum loop onto a cassette backwards and played it back into the mix, fading in and out whilst doing so. I also did a guitar solo that I played back in from a separate cassette a moment after the original, and it sounded great. I would like to recreate similar effects when I record it digitally, but it might be hard.


I've come, I've come, I've come to the realisation
That every sad song is written, written for me alone.
I've got ideas above my station, burnt into my bones.
I've been in this town, in this town for far too long.
All my friends, that's what I called them, have packed all up and gone.
I'd like to see them, but they've come, they've come to the realisation
That it's a sad song, it's another sad song, and it's written for me alone.

I don't like it, I don't like the words, the tune is even worse.
So put your hands on your head, just like Simple Simon said.
Turn around, leave this town, just like Simple Simon said.
Your life'll be bleak if you turn your cheek, just like Simple Simon said.
You can't go wrong with a sad song, just like Simple Simon said.
Simple Simon said. Simple Simon said. Simple Simon said.