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She Floats

This has my favourite out of all the choruses that I written.
It's a song inspired by thinking about the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Just think that, in a few thousand years (a very short time, cosmically speaking), unless you have done something outstandingly massive and resounding, you are going to be forgotten.
Will people know who The Beatles were in the year 64,344? I think it's unlikely. How about Hitler? Or Churchill? Or Jesus? Will the label 64,344 even exist?
Pretty much the most that is known about the people that ordered the construction of the seven wonders are their names, and they are only a pitiful couple of thousand years old.
This song would have been completely re-recorded for the album. The version that I put on the list is the original that was started a couple of years ago and hence has different drums from the other tracks. I probably would have stripped out the last verse from the final version as it would have made the song a lot tighter.
I attempted to make the tone of the simultaneous bass and guitar riff on the verse sections sound like that in Beach Boys recordings such as 'California Girls'. I don't know if I succeeded, but I like the sound I came up with.
The final section features a 'vocoder'. You play the note on a keyboard and speak into a microphone and it sounds like the notes are being sung by the keyboard. It's quite subtle but you can hear it singing 'she floats over' near the end.


She got a smile that seems to enamour me.
I think her face will live down in history.
Only time can find if I am wrong.

Elysium has passed on antiquity.
The sands will shift and claim all the mystery
And who will ever remember all the songs?

And all is gone that you had said to me,
And all has gone that you had done for me.
Time'll slip by and all will be lost.

She floats over me and suddenly she's gone.
Something died inside that had stayed too long.
She floats over me and suddenly she's gone.
I gotta, I gotta, I gotta, I gotta go back.

Saying their prayers and bowing in deference,
People are wandering round in reverence.
Do they feel the weight of their disease?

If all the soldiers outside the battlements
Packed up and left, this wouldn't be the thousandth
Time that you left me there to bleed.

Two great armies stood facing off and
Each one knew they'd fight to the last man
But no one knew what had started it.

And as they clash in a heaving mass and
Swords pierce flesh and break their necks,
My final thoughts all fade to black.