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I have decided to create an album. I will be using some songs that I have already written and I will also be writing new ones. I will use some recordings that I have done recently and re-record some older ones. The idea is to have some kind of consistency in tools and set-up so that there is some sort of continuity in sound across the album.
As I'm re-recording most tracks, these are not the same as listed on the music history page.

Time passes...
Well, my hard drive crashed and I lost all the masters for my album. All I have left are the mp3 mixes that I uploaded to other machines before the crash. I present here those remnants for people to listen to.
The list on the left was the planned album. The list on the right is how I've decided that these songs should now be listened to if they were released in their own right. I'm calling this album 'Remnants'.
The numbers are links to notes for each song.

Planned album

1) Interstellar
2) Don't Fall In Love With Me
3) Time Has Gone
4) Cog
5) Titanium
6) Failing
7) Ugly
8) Movie Star
9) While I'm Away
10) Mirage
11) She Floats
12) Sellotape
13) Slot Machine
14) Evil Maria
15) Wrong With Me
16) Sad Song
17) Get Out Of My Way

1) Interstellar
2) Sellotape
3) Time Has Gone
4) Cog
5) Evil Maria
6) Failing
7) Ugly
8) Wrong With Me
9) While I'm Away
10) She Floats

I think I will be buying some slightly better equipment and starting over again.